Nobilis Health | Outside Recognition
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Outside Recognition

Nobilis Health has been recognized by a number of outside industry watchers, from Wall Street Analysts to industry publications. This select list includes:

  • Becker's Healthcare
    Becker’s Healthcare, the leading magazine in our industry, which places our facilities and our doctors among the highest ranks in the national ASC marketplace.
  • Yahoo FinanceWallstreet Journal
    Yahoo Finance and the Wall Street Journal are among the publications and organizations that have praised our unique approach to healthcare and recognized our enormous potential for sustainable growth as the medical industry changes.
  • Business News Network
    Business News Network, the trusted Canadian televised news source, has devoted significant time to debunking Nobilis’s fraudulent detractors and highlighting the great growth and success of the company.
  • Bio TuesdaysBusiness News Network
    Bio Tuesdays, MD News, and other publications focusing on healthcare have positively covered Nobilis, its brands, physicians, and surgery centers.

The publications and organizations who have featured Nobilis Health include:

Nobilis names Marc Celia EVP of operations: 4 takeaways
Nobilis Health closes $13.3M acquisition of Hamilton Vein Center
Nobilis Health Corp. to acquire Hamilton Vein Center for $13.3M — 4 points
Nobilis Health Acquisition Hamilton Vein Center Gets Thumbs Up at PI
Nobilis Health acquires Arizona Vein & Vascular Center: 6 things to know

The Patient Experience.

Patients are treated to a true “concierge-like” standard of service, from their initial contact to their post-op touch points. Each patient is assigned a personal “Patient Coordinator,” a knowledgeable and trained ally based out of our Dallas office, who will answer questions, provide initial evaluations, negotiate with insurance companies on the patient’s behalf, and ultimately see the patient through to procedure. The innovative process self-generates powerful marketing in the form of appreciative testimonials and referrals from satisfied patients.