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Nobilis Health Corp owns and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities to deliver innovative healthcare services. Our focus is on improving access to care and patient outcomes by providing minimally invasive procedures in the cost-reduced and expanding outpatient market.

Expanding market and refined processes to drive high growth

The estimated 2015 size of the ambulatory surgery market was $30 billon, and it is set to grow due to an aging population and increased public awareness about the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. With 74% of centers being individually owned, the market is also highly fragmented, giving Nobilis advantages in scale and expertise.

Engagement, Education, Satisfaction  Referral

Nobilis uses direct-to-patient marketing strategies and proprietary technology platforms to increase patient engagement. Highly trained and knowledgeable patient coordinators drive patient engagement and high satisfaction, resulting in far above-average rates of referral.

Expanding to bring our services to those in need.

Currently, Nobilis owns and manages 4 surgical hospitals and 5 ASCs, partners with an additional 9 hospitals and 13 ASCs throughout the country, and markets 6 independent brands. While our centers are concentrated primarily in Texas and Arizona, the company has operations in 11 markets and 9 states and is expanding quickly.

Deep experience, broad reach.

To date, our marketing efforts have yielded over 8.4 million page views and have converted over 72,000 leads into more than 5,000 total procedures. Our position as owner and operator also enables us to capture additional revenue from ancillary verticals, including intraoperative neuromonitoring, anesthesia, surgical assistance, and laboratory services.

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The Patient Experience.

Patients are treated to a true “concierge-like” standard of service, from their initial contact to their post-op touch points. Each patient is assigned a personal “Patient Coordinator,” a knowledgeable and trained ally based out of our Dallas office, who will answer questions, provide initial evaluations, negotiate with insurance companies on the patient’s behalf, and ultimately see the patient through to procedure. The innovative process self-generates powerful marketing in the form of appreciative testimonials and referrals from satisfied patients.