Nobilis Health | The Benefits of Nobilis FacilitiesNobilis facilities save time and money, and reduce medical errors.
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The Benefits of Nobilis Facilities

Nobilis facilities save time and money, and reduce medical errors.

Nobilis owns and operates many hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers—also called ASCs—so it is highly likely that a patient’s procedure will take place at a Nobilis-owned facility. This ensures that patients can expect the same level of quality at their procedure location as they experienced in the journey up to that point.

Receiving care at a Nobilis facility has several significant advantages:

Favorable nurse:patient ratio. Nobilis strives to keep a very low nurse-to-patient ratio which is one of the reasons our success rates are so high.
Surgical site infection rate. Last year, our surgical site infection rate for each Nobilis facility was significantly lower than industry standard (According to the CDC, industry Standard is 1.9%).
Electronic medical records and data management. Nobilis deploys electronic medical records and proprietary software to ensure patient safety and increase post-operative compliance, resulting in fewer readmissions.
Cost savings. ASCs and minimally invasive surgeries realize significant cost savings over their more traditional counterparts.1, 2 Cost savings are due to several factors, the most important being:
  • Less blood loss
  • Lower infection rate
  • Less patient pain, which requires less anesthesia and other ancillary costs
  • Quicker patient ambulation and return to work and life



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  2. Johns Hopkins Medicine. Use of Minimally Invasive Surgery Could Lower Health Care Costs by Hundreds of Millions a Year. March 25, 2015.

The “Little Things.”
Nobilis believes the little things add up to a great thing: each patient’s sense of well-being and ease throughout the surgical experience. The list of the little things to which Nobilis pays massive attention includes:

  • Surgical centers with ample parking space
  • Surgical centers that are not only clean but attractively designed and decorated
  • Oversized rooms with amenities like television, internet, and comfortable visitor seating
  • An open, welcoming policy for guest visitation
  • Personally greeting the patient at the front door of the ASC whenever possible
The Patient Experience.

Patients are treated to a true “concierge-like” standard of service, from their initial contact to their post-op touch points. Each patient is assigned a personal “Patient Coordinator,” a knowledgeable and trained ally based out of our Dallas office, who will answer questions, provide initial evaluations, negotiate with insurance companies on the patient’s behalf, and ultimately see the patient through to procedure. The innovative process self-generates powerful marketing in the form of appreciative testimonials and referrals from satisfied patients.