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About Nobilis

Nobilis Health Corp. owns and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities to deliver innovative surgical services. With a focus on improving access to care, we strategically partner with an extensive network of highly trained surgeons who are board-certified and fellowship trained, making it our mission to providing superior medical care, increased patient satisfaction, and lower costs for healthcare delivery.

In connection with our physician partners, Nobilis Health develops, owns, and operates significant outpatient surgery centers and hospitals in Dallas and Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as markets throughout the United States. Multiple specialties of interest include:

Spine Surgery
Migraine Surgery
Pain Management
Orthopedic Surgery
Gastrointestinal Scopes
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)
Gynecological surgery
Sports Medicine
Plastic Surgery

At Nobilis Health, integrated marketing signifies leveraging the best of traditional (TV, print, radio, point-of-care) and innovative marketing channels (search, web, social, mobile) and identifying the appropriate marketing mix to best achieve critical patient education objectives, such as:

  • Specific disease state and condition awareness
  • Recognition of symptoms
  • Availability of treatment options
  • Determination of correct procedure for the patient
  • Promoting productive dialogue with treatment professionals

Combining responsible marketing with execution excellence, Nobilis Health’s integrated marketing approach effectively moves the patient along the patient continuum, from awareness and education to active research and commitment. Once a patient commits to obtaining more information, our call center and patient relationship experts actively engage with patients and help guide them through their journey. This integrated, end-to-end marketing proposition is a core competency, which separates Nobilis from other surgical centers and treatment facilities.

Nobilis is well positioned for significant and profitable growth due to a seasoned leadership with an established track record of performance and providing compelling value propositions for physicians, payors, and patients. A critical element of Nobilis Health’s strong performance can be attributed to its well-defined growth strategy, driven by both organic growth and growth by selective acquisitions. Regardless of how growth is attained, Nobilis’ focus, from a management and operations standpoint, is on identifying, attracting and retaining quality healthcare professionals, enhancing operational efficiencies, implementing effective marketing initiatives, and skillfully negotiating insurance contracts with third party payors.

For more information on partnering with Nobilis Health, email

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Complete form to contact us or receive additional information.

The Patient Experience.

Patients are treated to a true “concierge-like” standard of service, from their initial contact to their post-op touch points. Each patient is assigned a personal “Patient Coordinator,” a knowledgeable and trained ally based out of our Dallas office, who will answer questions, provide initial evaluations, negotiate with insurance companies on the patient’s behalf, and ultimately see the patient through to procedure. The innovative process self-generates powerful marketing in the form of appreciative testimonials and referrals from satisfied patients.